Alchemy Is Dead

I was watching a YouTube video titled “Is Story Telling Dead?”, and the man speaking Daniel Morden made a great analogy. He said, “A story in a book is like a drum in a museum. It needs a human interacting with it to really come alive” I believe this quote exemplifies the way I feel about the current state of storytelling in the modern say world. We read, listen and watch stories all the time, however it is different because there is most often no face to face human interaction.  

What is story telling?

When I think of storytelling, I think of think of one person telling another person a story face to face. Face to face interaction is the keystone that differentiates story telling from reading, watching or listening to a story.  

Alchemy? What’s that?

Alchemy is a way in which you create something via a seemingly magical process. Story tellers served as alchemist because they utilized their imagination in order to permeate the minds of others. Alchemy no longer exists the way it used to, because we no longer use our imagination like we used too. Through words they created images in another person’s mind. Through the images created they facilitated learning and passed on important messages from one generation to the next.  

Imagine this…

Our imagination has been replaced with a way of think which revolves around facts and science. Valuable ideas are supported by fact, not imagination. Let the record state, I don’t believe this to be true, nor do I believe all others believe this to be true. However, I do believe it is the way our society acts out real life.  

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