The Paradox of Change

How reading The Time is NOW: Affirming Black Queer Youth made me feel as a middle-aged, white, heterosexual male.

This Post Contains Controversial Material and Dope Beatszzz : Please Be Informed

  1. I would like to state a couple of things prior to writing this:

2. I recognize the pricelessness of articles like these. Despite the tone of my writing in this post, I agree with the thesis.

3. I recognize I usually see the world different than most people, and not always for the better.

4. I have never experienced a more socially progressive environment than my current universities atmosphere. I recently saw a poster advertising a “yoga class for racial healing”. You did not see that ten years ago. I think that is a generally a good thing. This makes me happy 🙂

5. I also feel censored in the class room environment at SCSU. More than once I have been told by professors that my ideas around social issues were wrong because they were controversial to the norm. The university is a place for the exchange and challenging of ideas. I don’t feel this exists at SCSU. I fear speaking my mind in class, and most for fear of students reactions. The fear that has been instilled in me is driven by what I feel is the desire to be the MOST politically correct. I continuously experience fear to speak openly about sensitive subjects around my peers. I have seen hostile situations arise from what I feel are topics that should be able to be openly talked about. It feels like students become quickly emotionally esculated. Student can no longer talk about sensitive issues without becoming emotionally escalated or offended by ideas that challenge and unlike their own. This makes me sad 😦

Gen Y and Gen Z, [myself included], need to start exercising some gratitude apposed to existing on a moral high horse latitude. We need to act out our movement instead of speaking out caustically about it. As a whole we don’t realize how good we’ve got it. Make no mistake about it, we are living in a time like none other in history. We need to keep up the good work but calcify our vertebral bodies.

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