“I Can’t Breath”

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin. Murder in the coldest of blood. 8 excruciatingly long minutes is how long it took for the worst mistake of Derek’s life to be over with. 

The devil hung on every second. George gasped for air as if the atmosphere was leaving earth. I could see the helplessness in his eyes. The look a fish has when it’s out of water. I could hear the rasp in his voice as he begged.  

Derek is the scum of the earth. Like the barnacles stuck to the bottom of a vessel waiting to be chipped off and fall to their death at the bottom of a gasoline-soaked marina. It’s hard for my brain to grasp fully what a person must be made of to do that to another human being. They must be very small inside. Small like a quark. 

Someone should have helped him. Everyone is guilty. Some more than others, but everyone made a choice. A choice to do nothing.

 I’ve made choices like that in my life. Choices that you turn over in your head like a pig on the spit. Choices that linger around through one life cycle and on to the next. Choices that effect generations.

 Rest in Peace George Floyd. I hope you’re looking down on earth to see that we care. You won’t be forgotten. 

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